Correction of Congential Deformity in Children


Deformity in the body can be congenital or due to some acute disease or extreme injury. It leads to bending or a twist in the body which causes the inability to work, and that can hamper the confidence of people and does not allow them to work to their full potential.

Once our learned doctors straighten then curved or deformed bone, the patient gets back to the normal alignment, which allows him/her to work to their potential.

Doctors apply an external fixator to cast away the gradual deformity in patients of all ages. Soft-tissue procedures are carried out to make the ailing person heal quickly.

Our doctors even offer post-surgery tips and instructions to follow, which relieves patient with the pain swiftly. Thus, we have the best deformity correction surgeons in Lucknow.

Primarily, the deformity is treated in two ways: Acute correction, known as the surgery process and the other gradual correction. That takes weeks to months.